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Posted on: 04/12/2021

Giving nature more homes at Kingshott

During the Summer Term 2021 Mrs O’Donovan’s class were learning about rainforests and plants and were concerned that so many trees in the rainforest are being chopped down!  They also discovered that Prince Charles was arranging a tree planting mission to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, and they asked whether Kingshott could plant some trees to celebrate this too. At the same time the ECO Council came up with the idea of planting more trees on the school grounds as one way of giving Nature a home here. Well, one thing led to another and on the morning of Saturday 4th December members of the Kingshott community, young and old got planting. Saplings were put in close to the Nursery car park, and we planted both saplings grown from seed in the nature Area during the pandemic and ‘whips’ provided by the Woodland Trust. We had fun and everyone involved seemed to be very aware that they were doing ‘their bit’ to fight Global warming and guess what!? …we didn’t  have to buy any compost because the children had generated their own over the time that the Nature Area has been in use!  At the end we had a small number of ‘whips’ left over and put them into the Tree Nursery; we can plant them out next year.

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Well done everyone and thank you!

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